A sense of community is essential now more than ever

“The best thing that comes out of the Stotan program is a sense of camaraderie and communication. Not only is it a good business outcome, it is a nice place to come to work”

Adrian Redlich, CEO

Building a sense of community is one of Stotan Group’s core values. At Stotan we believe focusing on teamwork and team camaraderie is essential to enhancing organisational, team and individual performance. 

Recently, Stotan has implemented a corporate performance plan with Merricks Capital, a global investment manager renowned for its strong track record of investment performance and innovative deal creation. 

The high-performance team at Merricks are adapting quickly to the new environment. Stotan is right beside them providing feedback and guidance on strategic planning and execution, holding senior leadership accountable, and providing culture and change management. More recently we have provided all staff with resilience, mental health and well-being training and support during these trying times.

With a focus on coaching and counselling, Stotan habitually monitors and measures the organisations progress through interactions with staff – the best way to measure culture. Results include improved morale, transformational leadership, and enhanced communication and understanding across the team. But this doesn’t happen by chance. It takes ongoing discipline and hard work, and Merricks are committed to the long game. 

“I think Stotan is making a world of difference, for the broader Merricks team and for me personally, and it really is just a matter of doing more of the same”

Fiona Clarke, Investor Relations Manager

Stotan Group values community. So, if you are looking to grow your community and want to build and maintain morale, and improve organisational, team and individual performance, let us know. We would love to work with you.

Onwards Always Together Stotan


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