Case Study: Financial Analyst - Executive Coaching

identified issue

Starting point

“My initial engagement with Stotan was at a time when I felt like I didn’t have much professional direction. Stotan seemed to align with my overall values and I thought that in order to get myself out of the rut I was in, I needed to explore using coaching.”


Our Approach

From initial assessment of individual, including written, survey and interview, Stotan designed, developed and managed the implementation of a Strategic Personal Development Plan. This includes business, professional and personal goal setting inside a 10 year strategic horizon, or “North Point”. Post an assessment phase for “fit”, coaching is recommended to be a minimum of 3 months, noting that behavioural change takes time & effort.

"The conversations that occured allowed me deeply reflect on my the roots of my issues and allow me to slowly shift my mindset. There has been small wins along the way (new job, renewed focus), which would not have occurred without the support and honest advice from Stotan. I am still on the journey, as nothing good comes quick, I feel a lot more confident and assertive, knowing that I have Stotan in my corner."
Financial Analyst


Outcome of the collaboration

Improved individual performance, significantly reduced concern about future, increased self-confidence, and increased life and career certainty; i.e., Strategic Personal Development Plan has provided structure for life and career direction, and most importantly, behaviour change.