Case Study: Mission Critical Team Institute


Mission Critical Team Institute

MCTI was created to support those teams by inviting them into a Collaborative Inquiry Community to share effective practices, validate applied research, and innovate in the area of learning, instruction, and professional development.

identified issue

Collaboration with Stotan Group

Request from MCTI to create and facilitate 2 day summit for US company, in Melbourne. Currently in negotiation to conduct long professional development training in Australia.


how We helped Mission Critical team Institute

Developed multi-national, multi-stakeholder partnership / community across emergency services, special operations military, tactical police, elite sports, high-performance specialists, research organisations and academic institutions. Designed, developed and delivered 2 day intensive ‘collaborative enquiry’ workshops for up to 100 participants at University of Melbourne campus.

“First – thank you very much for an incredible opportunity to meet everyone and learn together. I am still buzzing and processing the experience and looking forward to reading the final report. 2020 MCTI confirmed – that’s awesome! Have no doubt it will continue to grow. As soon as you have the dates, I will block it in my calendar.”
Dr. Mirjana Sikic, MBBS, FACEM
Disaster Preparedness Medical Lead, Alfred Hospital
“I thought [Stotan] were outstanding presenters both in your content and your delivery. I thoroughly enjoy watching and listening to people who can present with high quality – that in itself is a great learning experience. Thanks again.”
Frank Ponissi
General Manager, Melbourne Storm Rugby League Club


Outcome of the collaboration

Improved inter and intra MCT community communication and collaboration. All research was collected, and a classified academic report was distributed back into the community. The summit will be conducted again in 2020.. As a result of the success of the MCTI summit, Stotan has been approached to be the sole representative of the MCTI in Asia-Pacific.