Case Study: Unico


Unico is an agile, innovative and intelligent IT service company that is driving the future of technology in Australia.


Collaboration with Stotan Group

Unico is growing and innovating quickly. Therefore, the Unico CEO and executive team recently set new stretch objectives to enable the company to ‘step-up’ in line with their strategic direction. Stotan was tasked to assist in this exciting but challenging period.


How Stotan helped unico

After initial assessment, Stotan Group commenced executive team coaching and designed, developed and implemented an executive team performance plan. Stotan assisted and advised a revision and refinement of the company strategy and ensured senior leadership remained accountable for its execution. 

Concurrently, Stotan is advising and assisting with Unico’s broader company leadership capability development and culture programs to ensure alignment with CEO’s strategic intent.

“Stotan's insightful approach provides the ‘cut through’ that’s required to rapidly drive successful outcomes in organisational planning and transformation.“
Paul Clarke
Director Strategic Growth, Unico
“[Stotan] cuts through the noise and gets to the real issues unlike anyone I’ve ever seen. Thanks to [Stotan], we are now actively developing our leaders of tomorrow, sharpening our meeting practices and achieving real outcomes from our offsites. I cannot recommend [Stotan] strongly enough for any corporate leadership training and meeting facilitation services.”
Linda Fletcher
General Counsel, Unico


Outcome of the collaboration

Enhanced executive team cohesion, clarity of strategic message, enhanced accountability, and enriched company culture – work is ongoing.