Spotlight on Success: BlueRock

Team and Executive Coaching

Building and maintaining high-performing teams is more relevant than ever. With many organisations transitioning to remote work or hybrid workplaces, Stotan has been sharing some of the techniques employed by elite teams from the military and sports to help workplaces adapt. To achieve this, many organisations are placing a greater emphasis on human-centred mission, vision […]

Stotan aims to inspire others. We can work with you!

At the core of how humans perform, and why Stotan exists, is our value of health and wellbeing. Stotan Group aims to inspire those around us and to value people above all else. To achieve this core objective, Stotan group provides one-on-one executive coaching. We also employ Stotan’s unique ‘Business Octagon’ approach to developing team […]

Stotan Group has officially launched

We are excited to announce that Stotan Group has officially launched as a company.  Stotan Group was founded in 2017 by Harry Moffitt, a former SAS Team Commander and Danielle Moffitt, a teacher and learning and development specialist. Technological advancements have brought change to both our work and home environments and the subsequent challenges require […]