Stotan Group has officially launched

We are excited to announce that Stotan Group has officially launched as a company.  Stotan Group was founded in 2017 by Harry Moffitt, a former SAS Team Commander and Danielle Moffitt, a teacher and learning and development specialist. Technological advancements have brought change to both our work and home environments and the subsequent challenges require […]

Does your business need a CSM?

Roland Griffiths-Marsh set my mind on fire in his autobiographical account of WW2, I Was Only Sixteen. He depicts the 2/8th Battalion lying prostrate in the icy north African desert dawn, awaiting the end of the pre-attack bombardment of Bardia. He describes the terrifying noise of the artillery shells and the fear of the young Australians […]

Transition from Spec Ops: Things I would tell my younger self.

Over a beer at a New York firehouse recently an ex-US Navy SEAL mate summed it up perfectly; “5 years later and I am only just starting to feel as if I have transitioned”. This powerful moment re-framed the whole transition thing for me, instantly releasing a huge psychological weight. Somehow it gave me permission to […]

Transition from Spec Ops – The First 90 Days

Being a civilian? How hard can it be? Harder than I thought, so it turns out. Whilst building a new business, Stotan Group, I realised early that I need to work hard to maintain my inner stoic, something the military nurtured in me. Transition quickly became less about a nostalgic past and more about a […]