Health & Wellbeing

Health and wellbeing is one of our core values. It is fundamental to how humans perform and why Stotan exists.

Technology has benefited us all. Equally, it is challenging and changing us all, creating many new human problems. However, what will not change is our need for safety, health & well-being, and belonging. Technology will not replace these.

Like us, our partners understand that when people enjoy what they do, are valued, and trust their leadership they are at their best. We design intelligent, evidence-based and holistic solutions to enable our partners to develop thriving & flourishing people and environments. Our human performance model is adapted from Engels’ (Biopsychosocial model of performance) and Bronfenbrenner’s (Social-ecological model of human development).


Human performance is founded on good physical health—sleep, activity and nutrition. It is no longer acceptable to address isolated aspects of human performance without first considering these elements. We provide training and education including;

  • Group and personal training
  • Programs and coaching
  • Immersion and adventure training


It is well established that the most important thing for employees is to feel psychologically safe in their work environment. When people feel safe they enjoy what they do and therefore perform at their best. We provide training and education including;

  • Mental health & Wellbeing
  • Coaching and counselling
  • Cognitive performance


Spending meaningful time together as a team is critical to improved communication, collaboration and cohesion. Doing novel and fun activities promotes team intelligence and purpose. We provide training and education including;

  • Offsite team development events
  • “The Business Octagon”
  • Team bonding activities


A modern Stotan is more than physically and psychologically hardy. They understand that inclusive, diverse and safe environments allow humans to flourish and thrive in. We provide training and education including;

  • Equity & Diversity
  • Ethics
  • Culture change management

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