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We improve team performance, company culture and leadership in IT organisations

As technological advance continues to boom, IT organisations are in high demand, placing additional pressures on its workforce.

For example, many IT workers and teams find themselves in leadership and management positions in contrast to the technical and production roles they traditionally occupy.

Further, many IT businesses are only just starting to come to grips with the human aspects of their industry.

Stotan is perfectly placed to help those businesses come to terms with the human elements that are often overlooked when developing technology.

We understand the interface, interaction and interoperability between human factors and technology, and we can assist you to design a new way of operating to include such thinking.

“[Stotan] cuts through the noise and gets to the real issues unlike anyone I’ve ever seen. Thanks to [Stotan], we are now actively developing our leaders of tomorrow, sharpening our meeting practices and achieving real outcomes from our offsites. I cannot recommend [Stotan] strongly enough for any corporate leadership training and meeting facilitation services.”​
Linda Fletcher
General Counsel, Unico

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