Our Story So Far

Technological advancements have benefited us all; however, they have created new human problems that require different thinking. The medium and long term impact of our interaction with technology is mostly unknown other than it will reshape what it means to be human. In many ways we are unprepared. What will not change is our need for safety, health and wellbeing, and belonging.

Because Humans Are More Important Than Hardware

Stotan Group is a human performance consultancy that specialises in individual, team and organisational development. We work with our partners to provide solutions to their complex human problems. We help create the conditions in which humans and teams can thrive and flourish, by working synchronously across three levels — people, process and place.

The stotan philosophy

The term Stotan is derived from the virtuous approach of the stoics with the simplicity of the Spartan lifestyle.

The Stotan philosophy is the creation of Percy Cerutty (1895-1975), a sports training pioneer whose holistic approaches equally appreciated the physical, psychological, social and philosophical elements of human performance. We believe that the Stotan philosophy is more important than ever.

How did we start?

Stotan Group is an Australian owned business founded in 2017 by Harry Moffitt, a former SAS Team Commander and Danielle Moffitt, a teacher and learning and development specialist.

Both Harry and Danielle are passionate about helping people and teams thrive & flourish. Like Percy, they intend to challenge conventional wisdom in this field, believing that there will never be a substitute for hard-work, compassion, health and wellbeing and community.

Stotan Values

Our values set the standard of behaviour we demand from ourselves and of our partners

Health and Wellbeing

At the core of how humans perform and why Stotan exists

Sense of Community

Authentically connected to our people and our environment

Learning and Teaching

Developing our own knowledge and experience and sharing it


Inspiring and improving each other and everyone around us

Ethical Conduct

Doing the right thing and fair thing no matter who is looking

What is Stotan Human Performance?

The greatest goal in life is to inspire and improve those around us. At Stotan, we apply lessons learned from elite military, sports, and emergency services to create bespoke human and team performance solutions for all organisations that want to improve people, processes, and workplaces.

Partner with us

Find out if Stotan is the right fit by booking a consultation. We will tailor a complete solution to suit your individual requirements.

Harry Moffitt

Director of Human Performance

Former SAS Team Commander and registered Psychologist, Anthony “Harry” Moffitt, recently retired after almost 30 years with the Australian Defence Force, most of which was spent with Australia’s elite Special Air Service (SAS) Regiment as a Team Commander and specialist. 

He has completed 11 active service deployments, including being wounded in action in 2008. Harry completed his time with the SAS as its Director of High- Performance. 

He is the Asia-Pacific Director for the Mission Critical Teams Institute (dedicated to improving the success, survivability, and sustainability of mission critical teams) and founder and architect of the multimillion-dollar Wanderers Education Program (dedicated to providing in-service education opportunities for ADF members). 

Harry has a strong background in research and writing, and is the lead singer and songwriter for The Externals.

Danielle Moffitt

Director of Operations

Danielle is a secondary school teacher with a strong background in explicit learning and development, underpinned by decades teaching young adults here and overseas, where she developed world-class instructional strategies and advanced teaching methods.

Danielle has formal qualifications in Aboriginal and Intercultural Studies, along with a teaching degree. She is passionate about equity, diversity and communication, having spent many years developing resources for Indigenous students and those from diverse backgrounds.

Danielle is the Director of Operations at Stotan Group and also contributes to content development and delivery.

Melanie Freeman

Executive Performance Consultant

Melanie is an experienced organisational development consultant and Registered Psychologist.

She has spent over 25 years consulting across a number of industries accelerating organisational capability through leaders and teams. She has also worked in international development in the Asia Pacific region and subcontinent. Melanie has over 20 years working as a military psychologist (reserve) with over 12 years in Special Operations with a focus on human performance and leadership.

Her consulting and academic career has seen her focus on safety systems, work and well-being, workplace mental health, trauma management and psychosocial risks.

Melanie has a passion for childhood immunisation and maternal health and volunteers with the Immunisation Foundation of Australia.