Team & Executive Coaching

Coaching the best out of executives

If you are feeling anxious at work, uncertain about what the future holds personally and professionally, perhaps even feeling burnt out, we can help. Ignoring this might result in a dramatic professional exit but at what cost?

We provide one on one executive coaching to all levels by our qualified and experienced coaches and mentors who are deeply connected to reality and common sense.

We work with a range of leaders across multiple industries, helping them improve performance, reduce anxiety and increase self-confidence. By listening, reflecting and challenging you, we will help you develop a unique Strategic Personal Development Plan and hold you to account against that plan until we see change. We are firm but fair.

We help high performing teams build legacy

If you manage a team and fail to hold your team members accountable, you will end up with a dysfunctional team and poor morale. Would it benefit your organisation if your team members worked efficiently together and achieved or exceeded their goals?

And how can you balance this with creating an environment that allows people to flourish and thrive at the same time? It turns out they are the same thing.

Employing Stotan’s ‘Business Octagon’ we can start a journey of team coaching, with the aim of proving all members with the individual and team insight to address the things holding you back.

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