United by a passion for human performance

Stotan is a team of psychologists and human-performance experts specialising in the design and implementation of individual, team, and organisational programs by adapting the principles and practices of mission-critical teams, elite sports, and the latest human performance evidence.

We have proved that, as with sports and special forces, elite corporate teams benefit from context specific development and performance programs overseen by a skilled high-performance manager.


We design and implement holistic, integrated programs to elevate the performance of your team or organisation.

Stotan builds small, specialised teams – psychologists, physiologists, learning & development specialists, mission critical team leaders, and technical experts – capable of deploying into any organisation or environment.

Stotan teams embed in your team or organisation, gaining a next level understanding of your people and context. Our decades of experience working across a range of high-performance teams and domains, married with the latest applied research gives us the edge in helping you build environments in which people can thrive.

Stotan is unlike other consultancies

We work best with organisations led by people who are serious about change, performance improvement, and creating environments in which people and teams will thrive.

This is hard, challenging work that requires commitment and discipline – two important characteristics of elite teams.

If you are ready to do the hard work required to build high-performance people and teams, and are willing to be challenged psychologically, philosophically, socially, physically – then Stotan might be right for you.

The Stotan Philosophy

Stotan philosophy combines the virtuous approach of stoicism with the simplicity of the Spartan lifestyle

The Stotan philosophy is the creation of Percy Cerutty (1895-1975), a high-performance sports training pioneer. Known as the ‘Philosopher Coach’ Cerutty’s holistic approaches equally appreciated the physical, psychological, social, and philosophical elements of human performance. We believe that the Stotan philosophy is integral in understanding how to elevate human performance at every level of function.