The Stotan philosophy is the core of everything we do.

The term Stotan combines the virtuous approach of stoicism with the simplicity of the Spartan lifestyle.

The Stotan philosophy is the creation of Percy Cerutty (1895-1975), a high-performance sports training pioneer. Known as the ‘Philosopher Coach’ Cerutty’s holistic approaches equally appreciated the physical, psychological, social, and philosophical elements of human performance. We believe that the Stotan philosophy is integral in understanding how to elevate human performance at every level of function.

Based on the “Biopsychosocial Model” of George Engel (1977) and the “Socio-Ecological Model” of Urie Bronfenbrenner (c. 1977), the Stotan model of performance (above) is designed to inspire a more sophisticated appreciation of the complexity and interdependency of humans and their environment.

We are not an evolved species; we are an evolving species. And though much of what drives us is innate there are areas of what makes us human that we can influence to make our experience of the world richer, more meaningful, and more impactful.