There are no simple solutions to complex human problems

High-performance teams habitually operate in unique, challenging, high-pressure environments that demand superior levels of leadership, communication, and trust. Such teams require highly motivated individuals who are characterised by certain character traits which include high levels of commitment, adaptability, and team collaboration.

A bespoke human performance program for your organisation

Stotan builds small specialised teams – psychologists, physiologists, learning & development specialists, mission critical team leaders, and technical experts – capable of deploying into any organisation or environment.

Our aim is to help you to create the conditions in which humans and teams can thrive, by working synchronously across three levels — people, process, and place.

The results typically include:
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Enhanced leadership

collaboration 1

Sustainable change management

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Increased productivity

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Better communication

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Improved morale


Optimised performance


Danielle Moffitt 1

Danielle Moffitt

Director of Operations

Harry Moffitt 1

Harry Moffitt

Managing Director & Head of Performance

Andrew Butcher

Andrew Butcher

Executive Performance Coach

Melanie Freeman

Melanie Freeman

Executive Performance Coach

Nikola Surla Stotan Group

Nikola Surla

Executive Performance Coach

Stotan Services

We work extensively across high performance investment and executive teams, hedge funds and wealth management, and other top tier corporate groups. We use lessons learned from elite military, sports, and mission critical teams to build an engagement method that allows us to gain a deep understanding of your people and context to design domain specific, high-performance programs.

Qualified and experienced Stotan coaches assess, listen, and support you as they challenge and test your current assumptions and beliefs about yourself, your team, and your environment.

Executive & Team Coaching

Using evidence-based assessment tools we evaluate individuals and teams to design programs that enhance performance and satisfaction and create the environment in which people and teams thrive.’

Recommended for

  • Leaders/managers who want to improve communication and feedback skills.
  • Athletes, coaches, and practitioners working to overcome performance barriers.
  • Individuals and teams interested in self-reflection and professional and personal development.

“Plans are useless, but planning is indispensable” -Eisenhower.

Most corporate teams are necessarily focused on the day-to-day business and operations; that is, they are tactical and reactive. We can help you to make sure you stop regularly and assess where you are, that you are aligned from the Board to the front office and ensure that the team knows what and why they are doing what they do.

  • Strategic planning
  • After-action reviews
  • Change management
Stotan has an outstanding network of experts across multiple domains of human performance that provide advisory and training services across

  • organisational culture development
  • employee engagement
  • leadership development
  • performance assessment & measurement

We also provide a range of services that will enhance your existing HR practices.

Psychological Services

Psychology is at the core of Stotan Group’s passion for human performance. Reflection and Reflexivity are fundamentals in the development of cognitive abilities. Whether for mental health or performance, practices such as debriefing, counselling, and coaching are critical to health & wellbeing, self-efficacy, and performance.

Our team of psychologists, experienced in clinical, sport, and organisational psychology, provide training and support across three areas.

  1. mental health & wellbeing
  2. mental skills & performance
  3. psychometric assessment


Stotan Group designs and runs outdoor experiential events adapted for development or assessment purposes, or simply to have fun and play. Stotan team leaders are experts that bring experience from elite military and mission-critical team backgrounds to design and run memorable, educational, and challenging events.

Download the Experiental Events brochure here >>

Our speakers and facilitators are chosen from a range of fields of endeavour, including sports, military, elite mission critical teams, sports science, and psychology. They all have strong backgrounds and lived experience in leadership, performance under pressure, and tactical & strategic level planning. Whether facilitating strategy offsites or keynote addresses, their experiences from the edge of human performance, many in life and death environments, will inform, educate, and inspire.

Stotan Values

Our values set the standard of behaviour we demand from ourselves and of our partners

Health and wellbeing

Enhancing and maintaining positive physical and mental health for all.

Learning and teaching

Providing innovative adult learning environments to enhance performance.

Sense of community

Bringing people together, finding meaning in shared purpose and ambition.
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Inspiring and improving each other and everyone around us.

Ethical conduct

Doing the right thing and fair thing no matter who is looking.

Sense of humour

Enjoying the work and every experience.