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At the core of how humans perform, and why Stotan exists, is our value of health and wellbeing. Stotan Group aims to inspire those around us and to value people above all else. To achieve this core objective, Stotan group provides one-on-one executive coaching. We also employ Stotan’s unique ‘Business Octagon’ approach to developing team insight that addresses issues hindering communication and growth.

Recently, Stotan provided one-on-one executive coaching with a senior financial analyst, RC, in Sydney, to assist with concerns around their purpose and professional direction. Stotan conducted its initial narrative-based individual assessment, including a personal survey and an interview, and then designed, developed and implemented a Strategic Personal Development Plan. This plan includes business, professional and personal goals that move the individual along a five-year strategic vector. Harry Moffitt, CEO of Stotan Group offers – “We like to set a strong north point inside the coaching relationship and then build the plan around that. Having a coach to assist allows constant revision of the plan, identifying bias and blind-spots, and facilitates change when and where it is needed.”

Under this coaching model, RC has gained significant professional and personal improvements, including improved individual performance; significantly reduced concerns about the future; increased self-confidence; and, increased career certainty. Interestingly, RC recently changed jobs, something they would not have uncovered without guidance from the Stotan coaches using the narrative method and the Strategic Personal Development Plan.

“The conversations that occurred allowed me to deeply reflect on the roots of my issues and allowed me to shift my mindset slowly. There have been small wins along the way (new job, renewed focus), which would not have occurred without the support and honest advice from Stotan. I am still on the journey, as nothing good comes quick, I feel a lot more confident and assertive, knowing that I have Stotan in my corner.”

RC , Senior Financial Analyst

If you are feeling anxious at work, uncertain about what the future holds personally and professionally, perhaps even feeling burnt out, we can help. Ignoring this might result in a dramatic professional exit, but at what cost?

We provide one-on-one executive coaching by our qualified and experienced coaches and mentors who are deeply connected to reality and common sense. We work with a range of leaders across multiple industries, helping them improve performance, reduce anxiety and increase self-confidence. By listening, reflecting and challenging you, we will help you develop a unique Strategic Personal Development Plan and career north point, and importantly, we will hold you to account; we are firm and fair.

Contact us if you’d like to see a change that lasts.

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